And remind them to use the exclusive discount code. (Not all email service providers offer site tracking. If you want to use this, I suggest you use MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Drip or check if your email service provider offers it). Here’s an example of site tracking in ActiveCampaign. Site Jordan Phone Number List tracking allows you to segment and email your subscribers based on their actions on your online store Jordan Phone Number List such as landing on a certain page, completing a purchase, or abandoning their cart. Screenshot showing site tracking settings Email 3: Send a final reminder about the expiration date of the discount code.

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Here’s a reminder email by Mous about the soon-to-expire discount code. Screenshot showing an email Moving forward: Move your subscribers who made their first purchase to a customer list. Again, this could be done effortlessly with site tracking provided by your email service provider. For Jordan Phone Number List those who didn’t purchase, put them on a general list and continue to build a relationship Jordan Phone Number List with them. EMAIL OPT-IN OFFER: GIVEAWAY When you’re using a giveaway as your opt-in offer: Email. Thank your subscribers for joining your giveaway. Remember to include the prize and the date of announcement of the giveaway results.

Jordan Phone Number List

Depending on your goal, you can encourage your subscribers to share your giveaway or purchase a product to increase their chances of winning the prize. Here’s an Jordan Phone Number List automated email we sent to giveaway participants to get them to confirm their email address and try Sumo on their website. Screenshot showing an email by Sumo Email 2: Send a mid-giveaway product-offer email. This is a great way to get people to take action on something you have to offer. While they are waiting for your announcement email of the winners. Here’s an email Sumo sent to all giveaway participants before announcing the giveaway results.

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