Here’s the problem: people have less time and attention than ever before. They relax with their colleagues, check the filled email inboxes (both personal and professional) and in and out of Zoom meetings all day. The struggle for attention is real, with the average person receiving over 120 emails each day and a total of over 124.5 sales emails sent daily. Enter You: You’re hungry, on sales, and eager to get in touch with a cold prospect. But, how Finland Phone Number do you captivate your prospect with a cold email that’s so appealing that prospects can’t help but say “yes,

What Is Cold Emailing

According to Wikipedia, “A cold email is an unsolicited email that is sent to a recipient without prior contact. It could also be defined as the email equivalent of a cold call. In short, a cold email sends an email to someone you don’t know asking them to do something. Now, here’s why cold emails have such a bad reputation. Because most cold emails are just plain bad and feel like spam. You know them when you read them because you usually hit delete or worse, the spam button. They feel like the person wants to waste your time, sell you something, or use you for something that leads to their gain, not yours.

So What Makes a Good Cold Email, Anyway?

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A good cold email is an email so personal and relevant that it feels like it’s directed at you. He’s clear in what he’s asking, his tone is humble or somewhat deferential, and it’s short and sweet. If you have a mutual acquaintance, colleague or point of contact, mention it. This is the best form of social proof for establishing cold contact. Cold emails have a bad reputation because they usually look like spam, are impersonal, irrelevant, intrusive, or just plain manipulative. 95% of sellers do the same thing: send a tired old template that looks “commercial”, spammy and begs to be ignored.

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