The link between SEO and SEM.

When choosing SEO strategies to rank our website, we rely on organic search results. There is no direct money involvement, but developing a content strategy so that the site ranks higher on the SERP.

On the other hand, SEM uses paid Belgium Phone Number searches to rank above the SERP, just above organic listings.

Website ads that appear on your Google search results have used SEM as a ranking strategy.


I did a Google search for the keyword “Online Colleges in Oklahoma”. What else should we be thinking in times of the coronavirus pandemic?

Here are the best results I got



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Google ads for the keyword “Online colleges in Oklahoma”.

The image contains ads from Oklahoma colleges that offer online education services. These ads appear at the top of the SERP.

An advertiser secures this position by paying for it. The same advertiser can achieve a higher position on the SERPs for their website, just below the ad space.

In this case, he would use search marketing (SE), i.e. SEO and SEM.

After the ads, you will see the search engine optimized (SEO-ed) content for which the back-end works and no direct payment is involved.

SEO Results for Keyword ‘Online Colleges in Oklahoma’

A Brief Summary of SEO Strategies
SEO strategies focus on generating organic traffic. There are many aspects of SEO that you need to consider to achieve organic rankings. Our blog post briefly covered the following six basic strategies that e-commerce businesses should follow to rank high in the SERPs, organically. Read this article to understand search engine optimization, even for dummies, or stay here for a summary:

Create backlinks

You earn backlinks or inbound links when other websites share your content and credit you.

Meta Description

This is a 160 character description of your page/post. Call it the summary of a web page.

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