Make ONE change, such as offering the product at a different discount, changing the copy, changing the image, or offering a different product entirely. Again, just pick Solomon Islands B2B List one! Run this change for 1-2 weeks, then take note of the new conversion metrics. Compare this Solomon Islands B2B List to your previous offer. The best offer wins — use that one! Once you’ve run and tested Solomon Islands B2B List your offers, it’s time for the final step. STEP #4: MEASURE, TWEAK, REPEAT If you’ve nailed a solid product upsell offer that’s converting well, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s not easy! But it doesn’t end there. You’ll probably add more products to your store over time.

List Building Success Part

Plus, trends, seasons, and people change over time. So you need to make sure your offers are still relevant. The easiest way to do this is to keep an eye on your conversions Solomon Islands B2B List on (or are skipping over). You just need Google Analytics and Sumo’s heat map tool! For conversions. Make sure ecommerce goal conversions are set up with your Google Analytics (GA), or use one of these plugins to get it setup on your store: Shopify. Analytics Buddy or Google Analytics Ecommerce Integrations WooCommerce: WooCommerce Google Analytics or Google Analytics

Solomon Islands B2B List

Enhanced Ecommerce Magento: Free Enhanced Ecommerce Magento. Extension or Magento Google Analytics Ecommerce Extension BigCommerce. All-In-One Dashboard or Google Analytics App Once you have your ecommerce tracking installed, then click “Conversions” -> “Ecommerce” -> “Overview. Screenshot showing google analytics stats Next up, to see what people are clicking on, use Sumo’s heat map tool. Screenshot showing information about an RV In the image above, 37 people clicked on the link. Of those, 12 clicked on the word “specs” where my mouse is.

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