Going live with BRAND NEW creative on peak buying days like Black Friday and. Cyber Monday is one of the biggest mistakes we see people make. You want to use Indonesia B2B List your absolute best piece of prospecting creative to drive the cheapest possible clicks and allow your site to Indonesia B2B List communicate the sale. When we went live on Black Friday with the ad below, it was already loaded with 50,000 likes, Indonesia B2B List comments, and shares. We did this by: Creating 10-12 different organic posts Boosting them with a small budget ($50ish) to PupSocks’ Facebook fan page audience for the two weeks leading up to the push.

Care of Your Subscriber List

Determining which received the most Indonesia B2B List combined likes, comments, and shares. Set up a PPE (pay per engagement) campaign for the winning ad creative to a broad audience (i.e. 10% lookalike audience) at $100/day for seven days. We only ran the PPE campaign for Indonesia B2B List seven days before going into aggressive scaling, because it generated engagement so incredibly Indonesia B2B List quickly. When you run your PPE campaign there isn’t a minimum level of likes. Comments and shares you need, or some other magic number for finding a winning ad. It’s about allocating a testing budget you can afford

You Can Make Money With a Very Small List Because

And finding your best ad relative to Indonesia B2B List all the ones you are testing. Pictured below is the winning ad creative for our PupSocks campaign that Indonesia B2B List received engagement for a fraction of a penny.  Screenshot of a very successful Facebook ad by iHeartDogs Spending budget on a few engagement-objective campaigns to find. This then brings into focus the importance of niche marketing, where you

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