To miss out on possible sales by only showing informative copy. The general trend line on the chart shows that the hotter the traffic (higher intent) your ads generate, the more intensive the offers (higher threat) you can promote on your landing page. See the 10% landing page conversion rate we got using. A 15% discount offer to sell a product using high intent Google ad keywords Make sure you’re accounting for this when you’re personalizing your offers — it’s all about showing the right products to the right users. You can do this by cutting down your “keyword:search term ratio” in your ecommerce PPC.

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On ordinary PPC, the best way to do this is through using Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) in your AdWords setup. But for ecommerce, Single Product Ad Groups (SPAGs) are the way to go.[*] Screenshot showing a google adwords campaign diagram 9. PERSONALIZE COPY FOR USA B2B List Your landing page copy should be customized. Beyond just what ads your potential customers are coming from. In terms of “PPC temperature,” you can consider users who have previously visited your site as molten hot lava. They’ve already displayed an interest in your product and (hopefully) have already passed the

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Consideration stage of your funnel (the “Leads” stage pictured below). Diagram showing the marketing funnel At this point, your success is all about marketing your unique value and closing the sale (or upsell). With copy that prioritizes the interest they’ve shown in the past. This is where customizing your landing page copy to your returning customers can make the difference between conversions and bounces. Today, users are looking for a personalized ecommerce experience. Including past purchases and discounts on items that have previously been in their cart or were previously unavailable,

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