In the YouTube video description, Neebs Gaming includes a link to Player One Coffee’s referral program. Neebs was blowing it off the charts with 544 referrals: Screenshot showing the top referrers for a site. That results in Player One Coffee having an unprecedented referral rate of 10%+ And in only five short months. They’ve already done five figures in referral sales (remember, that’s extra sales!).

First Steps You Have

Screenshot showing how a referral program is doing Note. The average referral rate showed here is a monthly average referral rate for selected retailers across seven industries Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List Now that’s what we call good ol’ Pareto’s Principle (where 20% of the effort reaps 80% of the results). Key Takeaways: Influencers can cause a disproportionate impact on the success of your referral program.

to Do When You Email

SEVEN KEY REFERRAL MARKETING TAKEAWAYS FROM SEVEN SUCCESSFUL ECOMMERCE STORES. Here are the seven key takeaways: You don’t have to start your referral marketing program from zero. Invite all your past customers and get them to join your referral program (like Visuals By Impulse). Leverage the “commitment. And consistency” persuasion tactic and invite customers who have recently bought to join your program (like Riff Raff & Co.)

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