Do you want video testimonials to add to your product pages for social proof. By Cindy Joseph and today. I’m going to show you how they generate hundreds of eCommerce video testimonials on autopilot. Here’s how it works in three simple steps:  After a customer buys your product. Send them to a video review page offering a $10 gift card for sending you a short video review — like the BOOM! page below.

Building Lists Online For Quality Buying Prospects

Screenshot showing a gift card page on boom gives people four simple steps to follow. Devices: Devices suitable for recording the video. Screenshot Guatemala B2B List to get a gift card Video Requirements. Video length, recording suggestions, and requirements for gift card eligibility. This step makes sure all your video testimonials are consistently high quality. Screenshot showing instructions on video testimonials Email: Instructions on how to send the video (from the recording device

How to Build a Highly Targeted List With

If your email recipients do not recognize your company, they are very unlikely to respond positively to your emails. At best, they’ll glance at the email and delete it. At worst, they’ll mark you as spam and get you into hot water with various spam lists. That’s why building a good, quality list is far more valuable than a huge list of people that don’t already know you… which leads to the next point.

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