There is a “Goal Details” section to enter the required steps in your funnel. Screenshot showing campaign goal details options One of the best ways to find offers your Honduras Phone Number List email list may like based on their behavior is to use the Behavior Flow report in Google Analytics. When Honduras Phone Number List your Email Segment tracking is turned on, you can see how subscribers move through Honduras Phone Number List your website. If you know where a subscriber lands on your website and where they spend most of their time browsing. You can create an offer based on that behavior. For example, if you see a lot of people are going to your product page about red shirts

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You can send an email offer Honduras Phone Number List about red shirts. To view behavior flow: 1. Go to your Google Analytics dashboard 2. Click Behavior Flow Screenshot showing google analytics behavior page 3. Scroll down to View Flow Chart Screenshot showing a mail funnel TARGET YOUR EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA Social media marketing and email marketing go hand-in-hand. Don’t just look at the clicks on your social icons; upload your subscriber list(s) to your social media platforms. You do not need legal permission to upload the email addresses or phones numbers of your customers to Facebook’s

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Custom Audience in its ad page because no identifying information is stored and you cannot see their individual profiles. As shocking as it sounds, not everyone uses FB, and most people have more than one email address. Upload your email list to Facebook and create a Custom Audience you can target with. Now the most important thing about setting up a

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