sitemaps are maps for search engines to help them to discover all the relevant content on a site. That also applies to images. According to Google, images in  sitemaps german phonenumbers “increase the likelihood that your images can be found in Image Search results”. Screenshot german phonenumbers showing  code The best ways to go about adding images to  sitemaps is to have your CMS generate them german phonenumbers automatically (WordPress has good plugins) or use an sitemap generator. There can be up to 1000 images for each URL listed in the image sitemap. Optimizing image  is often forgotten in technical SEO.

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Just like a page’s  helps Google to better understand what it’s about, an image’s URL does the same. The Google image publishing guideline states: “Google uses the  path as well as the file name to help it understand your images. Consider organizing your image content so that german phonenumbers. As we can see in the image below, the URL is very cryptic but has the product name included. I think this is a mediocre example: it’s not bad but could be better.

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Screenshot showing a shoe and the german phonenumbers containing the shoe name, size, whether it’s for women or men, and shoe type would be helpful to add. Every german phonenumbers image should have a descriptive URL. The only exception are graphical elements, which add german phonenumbers to the layout of the site. TIP #8: OPTIMIZE PAGE TITLE AND DESCRIPTION Images and the rest of the content on a page pollinate each other. The relevance of written content and images forms one piece. Since the meta title of a page carries quite some weight for

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