Important things we want to accomplish that day. For you, it could potentially be in a week. Make them actionable things you can control, and make them the Bahrain Email Lists BIGGEST high-leverage items to grow your business. Not necessarily the easy busy work that people get Bahrain Email Lists distracted on, that doesn’t move the needle. QUESTION #10 How do I get new customers to buy Bahrain Email Lists without resorting to discounts, freebies, % off, dollar off, and BOGO deals. Answer: It’s just the way human Bahrain Email Lists psychology works. People love getting discounts and deals. That’s why these things work so well for growing an ecommerce store quickly.

See How Easily You Can Build

To not destroy your margins you can Bahrain Email Lists increase your price. If you don’t want to use discounting at all, then one of the best strategies we’ve seen is  Bahrain Email Lists  using scarcity in your marketing. Here’s the strategy to follow: Build a promotions calendar for Bahrain Email Lists your ecommerce store. Every 10 days plan one new promotion. On Day #1 open the promotion. Promote it Bahrain Email Lists across social, ads, and email throughout the 10 days.  Your promotion could be for a product bundle, a limited-stock item, or something else you come up with.

And Monetize Your Email Marketing List

Most small stores are trying to Bahrain Email Lists win by creating one Facebook ad that will drive all the traffic to their store. That’s like betting your business Bahrain Email Lists on one lottery ticket. Running consistent promotions with a deadline is a proven way to get new Bahrain Email Lists customers (with or without discounting). This Supreme growth study is a great example to study. They never discount, and make millions with each promotion by limiting supply. HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Now is Bahrain Email Lists your chance to tap into the knowledge of our Sumo marketing experts. Ask your #1 ecommerce marketing or business question in the comments below.

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