Now, there’s a lot of targeting that you can do, especially with all the options available in today’s digital marketing world. The issue is that you may not have the resources to create separate ads or products to every single little audience segment. Go for the lowest hanging fruit. Don’t waste your marketing efforts on super-niche audiences. Niche is good. Super-niche? Not so good. The point of behavioral segmentation is to understand your customers better, and then market to them better. No reason to overcomplicate things. Try to understand who makes up the majority of your sales

How to Use PPC Marketing

Not the minority that only occasionally buys from you. It simply isn’t worth your time. The Pareto Principle [*] says that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your Brunei Email Lists customers. Understand why they behave the way they behave. Understand them so well that even Brunei Email Lists they’re surprised when you offer them products that they desperately need. Then double Brunei Email Lists down on it. Triple down on it. Understand them better, and sell people what they want. Your wallet will thank you. Lastly, I want to give you four tips that you can start implementing today to get started with behavioral segmentation.

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Hope this gives you ideas for Brunei Email Lists your own business. FOUR IDEAS TO START DOING BEHAVIORAL SEGMENTATION NOW GATHER MORE DATA Analyze your customers. Ask your customers. Ask your customers why they choose your brand. Why they buy certain items. Ask them who they are. Remember Zoey? Gathering data like that isn’t that hard, you just have to ask. Offer a 10% discount code if they fill out a very short survey, and ask them their age. Their gender, their birthday — after making sure you’re meeting any regulations regarding personally identifiable information.

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