A high-performing piece of ad creative ahead of peak buying days can give you a massive advantage. While you may not hit 50,000 likes, comments and shares on Iran B2B List your winning ad creative (puppies are pretty viral) you should still have. A solid level of validation for your ad that Iran B2B List will help drive high relevance scores, broader reach and lower frequencies. STEP #3: CREATE NEW AUDIENCES FOR Iran B2B List YOUR 4X ROI AD CREATIVE Now you’ve found one piece of ad creative and loaded. It with a ton of likes, comments, and shares, who should you target when trying to scale? The answer is everyone.

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Or at least anyone you have reason to believe might be interested. Start with what you know: Lookalikes based on all stages of your funnel), then move to Iran B2B List Prime interests (pet owners, fans of pet brands, etc.), then Get wacky (Kardashian interest anyone?) We’ll even break Iran B2B List out all these audiences into separate placements and slice them. By gender to try to isolate every possible Iran B2B List opportunity. The key to scaling is always, always agility. By that, I mean the ability to create options for yourself. The more ad sets you can come up with at the start, the higher the likelihood of finding something that works.

Adding Automation to Propel Your Sales

In the beginning, you want to have as Iran B2B List many ad sets as your little fingers will allow you to create. For PupSocks we created a total of 828 ad sets during the two-month push. 50+ were lookalike audiences (1-10% lookalike audiences on a variety of funnel behavior) 200+ were custom Iran B2B List audiences 500+ were. Variations of our lookalike and custom audience ad sets broken out by placements, Iran B2B List bid type etc. GIF showing different audiences on iHeartDogs Start with reasonable daily budgets (I recommend three times your average order value) on each ad set. Then be prepared to kill off underperforming ad sets quickly! But give yourself

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