Want to increase your sales by reaching out to your customers at the exact time they are about to buy. Then you need to start using behavioral segmentation in your business. In this article, you’ll learn about How you can reach out to your customers exactly when they need your products. How to get more repeat business by understanding when your customers will need your products again Real-life examples of how to use behavioral segmentation to improve sales Keep reading below. WHAT IS BEHAVIORAL SEGMENTATION? Behavioral segmentation is segmenting your customers based on how they behave. Then reaching out to them based on that behavior to get them to buy. Consider Zoey. She’s 29 years old and eight months pregna

Importance of a Good

With her first child. She’s getting ready for some of the most exciting and challenging days of her life. In exchange for a 10% discount on her purchase two  elenco numeri di telefono svizzera  months ago, she filled out a short form with her email address and indicated she was six months pregnant with a girl. Zoey elenco numeri di telefono svizzera was happy because she got a cute lil’ onesie for her daughter. You were happy because you made her day and you made a sale. Win-win. Now that you know Zoey is 6 months pregnant, you can give her content and offers directly related to her situation. For example, you may know that women in their third trimester of pregnancy will start thinking about

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Childbirth and parenting a lot. How much will giving birth hurt? How am I going to cope with this? That is when you send Zoey an email like this (and it can be completely automated using an email marketing automation tool. Hey Zoey, Congratulations on your eighth month of pregnancy! You’ve come a long way, and you only have a few weeks left until you meet your daughter. I bet you’re super excited! As you approach the end of your pregnancy, you might start thinking about parenting and childbirth a lot. Actually having that baby can be a scary thought, as well as thinking about those first few weeks at home. Well, fear not. We have an amazing bundle that’s going to help you get through childbirth and prepare you to be a great parent.

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