Elements/ page types Homepage Category page Product page Search page Page layout One product offer at top of the page. Filter position and number Product how to get phone number details in pakistan description Mosaic layout vs. list Personalization for logged in or repeat customers. Show several products vs. one product at the top More info above the fold vs. Fewer details Best-sellers vs. promotions  how to get phone number details in pakistan  Open vs. closed spec accordion Full vs. lean Navigation Drop down vs. static Sidebar nav. Navigation vs. no navigation Filters to narrow search down Search box placement & size Big vs. small breadcrumb nav. Super lean (fold-out) Highlight best-sellers

And What You Need To Know

Category order Show notifications in nav. Headlines Description of what store offers vs. no description Small vs. Big Color set apart from rest of content vs. equal color Headlines of different sections vs. Small section headlines Color Copy Highlighting product value vs. description Copy at top vs. bottom of page Descriptive copy vs.  CTAs Color Email signup popup Email signup popup Email signup popup Email signup popup Sales marks Written out vs.

Buying Email Marketing Leads for Online

symbol Above vs. below the fold Position Images Larger fewer or smaller + more images Product callouts . Freestanding product hero vs. crowded Product images vs. text only Amount of results Image gallery Image sizes Videos vs. Images 360 view of product Product only vs. product in use Product hero size Price Prices vs. No prices Size and color or price Price with shipping vs. Bottom Promotions vs. None Promotions vs. none Highlighting a

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