Surrounding content, when Fiji B2B List optimizing images. It helps search engines determine the relevancy of a page for a keyword. A relevant alt attribute Fiji B2B List contributes to better rankings. Screenshot showing shoe product page HEADING TAGS Heading tags help users and search Fiji B2B List engines to get a quick grasp of the content structure. The heading tags provide a semantic structure to the outline of the content. H1s carry the most weight for SEO, should be used just once on each page, and should be unique on each page.

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However, it seems that Google is giving heading tags less power nowadays since most sites don’t use them correctly anyway. Let’s compare the product pages for the Beats Studio 3 on the Beats by Dre site against a retailer site. Worst Practice As you can see in the screenshot below, the H1 tag is Fiji B2B List empty, and H tags carry irrelevant terms. There is just one H1. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Product descriptions are a chance to

Fiji B2B List

I circled every empty or irrelevant H Fiji B2B List tag in red, so you can see how the site uses them for layout, instead of structuring content. Screenshot showing headings on a page What the worst practice does wrong. No relevant H tags (they probably use H tags in the navigation). Hierarchy Fiji B2B List is not kept. Best Practice Screenshot showing headings on a page What the best practice does right. Mostly keeps the hierarchy. You could tell what the page is about just from looking at the headings. Product name and/or main keyword in the H1.

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