Want to learn how to make a seamless mobile experience? Click the button below to get my mobile-optimization checklist. Get My Mobile-Optimization Checklist 3. france mobile phone number example Having a seamless mobile experience doesn’t mean squat if your site loads too slow. Anthony Chavez, the Product Management Director for Google Ads, claimed that more than half of all smartphone users will not make a purchase if a site takes too long to load. He didn’t give an exact time, but shooting for less than one second to load a page is a good benchmark.

To Achieve Most

If that wasn’t reason enough to make site speed a priority in 2019, Google put the final nail in the coffin with their speed update which started hurting slow sites rankings as of france mobile phone number example July 9, 2018. Their update stating, “content that is slow-loading may perform less well for both desktop and mobile searchers. france mobile phone number example But many SEO professionals agree that anything over two seconds can harm your rankings. That said, two seconds is still a long time for the average impatient mobile user, which is why I recommend setting one second as your benchmark.

Responsiveness Of Your Opt In Lists

Ready to speed up your site? Click the button below to get my site speed checklist. Get My Site Speed Checklist 4. france mobile phone number example So far we’ve discussed the end-location of funnels (your website) and SEO. But ads are, of course, also a major marketing trend in 2019. Ads are nothing new. But the kinds of ads you can run (and how easy it is to run them) is what’s trending in the new year. Instagram is growing at a crazy rate thanks to Instagram Stories, which allow users to share snippets of video similar to SnapChat.

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