Logic Description Examples: “The best price you’ll find — guaranteed.” “You’ll love it — just ask our thousands of happy customers.” “You’ll save at Hungary B2B List least $400 per year making your lattes at home!” See the pattern? Emotion and storytelling first, logic later. Here’s Hungary B2B List an example of a product description that does this well from ThinkGeek:[*] Screenshot showing Hungary B2B List content They know their audience extremely well and use emotion (especially humor) to sell these flashlights. The first paragraph is to sell you using emotion. The second paragraph and the bulleted list shares more practical takeaways to seal the deal.

How To Leverage Traffic With List Building

Download 5 More Product Hungary B2B List Description Examples Like This Pro tip: Notice how almost all the examples I’m giving you use the word “you” a lot. “You” is a powerful word and YOU should use it in YOUR product descriptions! Beyond emotional wording, backing up Hungary B2B List people’s buying decision with logic. Using the word “you”, and using your ideal customer’s exact Hungary B2B List wording, what else is needed to write a great product description? Storytelling. Remember in the previous section where I said storytelling is an important element in selling. This is because storytelling is one of the best ways to emotionally convey information.

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Rather than explaining, let me Hungary B2B List give you an example. First, here’s a generic description with no storytelling: “Our CB radios are easy to install and have excellent range. They’re made with premium components, so they last for years to come. We also have the best Hungary B2B List price possible! Compare us to any other brand and you’ll find we’re the best.” It’s OK. Kind of a snore fest, though. Now let’s add some storytelling: “Imagine driving your truck down a country road, when out of nowhere, the weather Hungary B2B List turns. The clouds get dark, and torrential rain starts pouring down in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, you hear another driver broadcast a warning via your CB radio.

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