Now you offer Zoey a bundle that will help her, like a bag of hospital essentials and a book to record her daughter’s milestones. We did something special here. And no, I’m not just talking about helping an excited mother-to-be. We offered Zoey exactly what she needs, because argentina email address we used behavioral segmentation. She’s getting ready for a big occasion — childbirth. Your research shows that she’s worried about childbirth and parenting. Your product matches what Zoey needs right now. Can you imagine the conversion rate on that email if you send it to pregnant women like Zoey? It’s targeting and personalization on a different level.

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And THAT is behavioral segmentation. Before we talk about why and how you should use this extremely effective marketing strategy, let’s talk about the  argentina email address  five types of behavioral segmentation. FIVE TYPES OF BEHAVIORAL SEGMENTATION Here are the five different ways you can segment your audience. You can use one or all of them to create targeted offers for your customers (like I did with Zoey). OCCASIONS You can segment by a personal occasion, such as Zoey’s pregnancy, or you can segment by a seasonal occasion, like Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

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For Christmas, people tend to exchange gifts with their friends and family — the perfect time to use ads promoting your family-oriented gifts. Selling candy? Time argentina email address to promote your candy canes and holiday-related gift baskets. If you’re a clothing company, you can send ads for ugly — but oh-so-cozy — holiday sweaters. Hilton and Amazon made an offer based on occasion (Mother’s Day), where you could use your Hilton points to shop for gifts on Amazon. Screenshot showing a promotional banner for hilton/amazon CUSTOMER STATUS. First-time customers will behave differently from your longtime customers, making it important to segment

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