The Horse use Sumo’s Automatic Email Responder. Sumo’s email system makes sure the email gets delivered to the inbox with the subject line “10% Off Your Order Today Only.” Screenshot showing an email Of all the subject lines we’ve seen, this subject line has proven to be the best performing Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List generating a 54.6% open rate. Screenshot showing a Sumo popup One Shopify store saw what The Horse were doing and copied. Their strategy — except they made one small tweak to their popup that doubled the conversion rate from 18% to 36%. ONE COPYWRITING TWEAK YOU CAN MAKE TO DOUBLE YOUR CART ABANDONMENT

List is a Captive Audience

CONVERSION RATE Ice Age Meals gets 36.2% of people who view their cart abandonment. Popup to convert into a paying customer using this copy and design. Screenshot showing a Sumo popup To outconvert The Horse (who get an 18.7% conversion. rate), they simply Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List removed the image, made the copy on the popup clearer. And added benefit-driven copy to let people know that they’ll also “get notified of any future sales. Combining The Horse and Ice Age Meals strategies together, Sumo came up with an action plan for. Any ecommerce store to reduce cart abandons, and get massive results right away: Action Plan

Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List

Create a cart abandonment popup. 2. Use a headline similar to “Don’t go! Get 10% off now!” 3. Use a description similar to “Enter your email for 10% off. We’ll also notify you of any future sales.” 4. Create a success popup that automatically adds the discount code to the checkout with one-click. Create an automatic email responder to give people a reminder about using their discount code, with a subject line similar to.

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