Instagram post And ThreadBeast’s referral rate is soaring above the industry benchmark. Screenshot showing stats for a referral program Key Takeaway: Don’t Central-African-Republic Email List assume your customers know how to share their referral link. Identify obstacles and Central-African-Republic Email List remove them. Make it easy for them to share your referral link by teaching them how. REFERRALCANDY STORE #7: PLAYER ONE COFFEE [INVITE INFLUENCERS TO PARTICIPATE] A Central-African-Republic Email List typical customer in your referral program will only refer 1–2 new customers. After all, most of us probably have only a couple of close friends. Who would take your recommendation seriously (or even have the same interests.)

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And usually, that’s enough to Central-African-Republic Email List work. If every customer refers two new ones to your store, you’ll have more than enough business to keep you busy. But what if you had one of these customers that referred more than two? What if they Central-African-Republic Email List exist. They are called influencers. Influencers are people who have amassed a huge following on social media. Because they’re so popular. And their followers want to be like them — every product they recommend or refer can cause a disproportionate impact on your referral sales. A good example was when Tim Ferriss almost bankrupted Mizzen+Main’s inventory

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when he endorsed them on his Central-African-Republic Email List popular podcast. Player One Coffee knows this. A coffee company that makes tasty coffee for gamers, they have a referral program that gives away $1 in cash every time one of your referrals buy for eternity. Screenshot showing a referral signup page To promote their referral program. They reached out to Neebs Gaming, a YouTube channel with million subscribers. Screenshot showing the youtube stats for a channel Here’s the outreach message they sent via Facebook Messenger: Screenshot showing a facebook messenger conversation

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