They’re not the best customers, but they’re not the worst either. The example of these average potential clients would be that of a small wholesaler, who does not have large commercial networks. This is usually the classic individual or private buyer, who buys the product as they need it, little by little. Although they spend little money, this type of potential clients have added value, since the sum of many of them can imply large volumes. Earn income doing what you love. The Shopify Partner Program allows you to use your knowledge to help entrepreneurs around the world. With over 1 million merchants globally, the opportunities to make money are limitless. 5 strategies to attract potential customers and turn them into real ones We have already shown you how to get leads. But the next step is to turn those potential customers into actual customers .

What you need to do is sort of make a mental picture of your potential customers. To do this, you can write down the following information on a piece of paper: How old are you. What is your gender. Where do you live. What does he work on? What are your hobbies. Pages do you visit on the Internet? What problems are you trying to solve with your products? What needs are you unable to meet? Once you have clearly defined the profile of your potential customers, it will be much easier to implement marketing strategies to capture those potential customers. After all, knowing what they are like makes it easier to locate them and attract them to your online store. You may also be interested in: 4 sales strategies that you should not do in your virtual store to have satisfied customers .

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Generate valuable content regularly. To sell online Netherlands phone number you need to create content that reaches your potential customers. Only through content can you build relationships and attract new customers to your business . But don’t think that content is only generated through articles on your blog. In addition to that, you can create valuable content in other formats: Social media. Press releases. Product sheets. Newsletters. Podcasts. YouTube channels. Ebooks. … The options for generating value content are numerous. But the important thing is to meet the expectations of your potential customers with the content you create. The reason is easy to understand: customers no longer expect companies to only sell them products. potential and actual customers. Buyer person You must be very clear about your ideal client.

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In addition, they want to receive the maximum information on the subject related to your products. What’s more: online shopping has become a hobby for many customers ; and even enjoy discussing your products. To meet these expectations, it is essential to generate enough content so that a potential customer feels the need to purchase your products. 3. Create a community around your brand It is clear that content is essential to attract potential customers. And if you want your potential customers to become real customers, it is important that they feel connected to your brand and your products . That is why it is a very good idea to cultivate a community of followers, in Facebook groups, on Instagram, or even through a regular newsletter. It is important that you make an effort of research and analysis to define the profile of your ideal client.

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Broadly speaking, it is about generating strong links with your audience, so that they connect with your branding and with your products. And the best way to do it is by generating conversations with them. That is why it is important that you dialogue with your followers and that you always respond to their messages. how to find potential customers 4. Make promotions and discounts The surest way for a potential customer to become a real one is by offering them discounts . If you have someone who follows you on social networks, and who receives periodic information about your products by email, you will be strengthening your ties with them in a very strong way. , which is nothing more than an archetype based on what you already know about your current clients and the needs that your products satisfy.

Dare to improve the Digital Marketing of your online store. Here’s the most complete guide to boost your business! 3 neuromarketing tips to improve public trust in an ecommerce Within an ecommerce specifically, I think I have already told you, I have already shown you a little, but the main thing would be: 1. Focus on the user experience Design really has to be tied to user experience, and try to measure that user experience. I understand that not everyone has the time or the resources to carry out a neuromarketing experiment, but I think that since always, how do you optimize an ecommerce? Well, changing and measuring, seeing how that is reflected in your sales, the difference of neuromarketing is that it allows you to change it only once.


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