Besides that, they help make your pages and site crawlable too. So they’re really important for SEO. The links connect the Macedonia Phone Number dots, so to say. Orphaned content is pages or posts that don’t receive any links from other pages on your site. These pages are out there, somewhere, but nobody is ever going to find them. (And that includes Google). Macedonia Phone Number However, orphaned content isn’t just bad because it’s hidden away and hard for search engines to find. It can make you feel rubbish about your website, too. We all start out with the best intentions, making great content to build websites that we love.

That We Want Everyone Macedonia Phone Number

Else to love, too! But as time goes on, you can’t help losing track of the details (especially if you create a lot of content). Some pages or posts are bound to slip through the net, one way or another. Macedonia Phone Number Pages that you cared about, once upon a time. It’s easy to feel gloomy when you’re looking at all the mess and imperfections. But it’s not as bad as it seems. Once you start pruning your content, you can feel great about your content again! Let’s get started. Macedonia Phone Number Need a hand? If you need any help using the orphaned content SEO workout, you can find more information on our help page.

Spring Clean Your Content Macedonia Phone Number

Macedonia phone number

With our workout When you open the workout, you’ll see your orphaned posts and pages listed, ready for you to work on. The end goal is to connect these pages to your site structure by adding links to Macedonia Phone Number them from other pages on your website. But before you start adding all those links, you should check whether each page is something you actually want people to find. Macedonia Phone Number And with that, we come to the big question you need be asking yourself…Love it or leave it? During the first step, you’ll probably see pages and posts in the workout that are outdated, or that don’t meet your expectations in terms of quality.

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