If you’re unhappy with Mailchimp but can’t choose between the two relatively new readers, MailerLite and ConvertKit, you’re not alone. In a sea of ​​endless email marketing automation options, businesses and creators are looking for simplicity and flexibility. Many of us are looking for an email marketing tool that offers the “complete package”, especially Greece Phone Number if you’re a small business owner who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on a traditionally complicated process like marketing. by email. However, opting for a full package can also result in complicated features or paying for things your business doesn’t need at this poi


Mailerlite Vs. Convertkit: Summary

MailerLite wins if you’re looking for a simple yet more comprehensive package with easy-to-use editing tools. It’s designed for business owners, unlike ConvertKit, which is designed specifically for creators. Both come with cool features like a landing page editor and marketing automation, but how do they actually work? Ease of use and editor MailerLite and ConvertKit want to be easier to use than Mailchimp. While setup is fairly easy with both tools, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use visual editor, only MailerLite succeeds in this regard. Both services have fairly simple and easy to use dashboards.

MailerLite lets you access all the main features right out of the box right from its jargon-free dashboard. ConvertKit is also simple, perhaps because it has fewer features. However, when it comes to creating emails, MailerLite comes out on top.

Design and Flexibility

Email Database

MailerLite offers a drag-and-drop editor, unlike ConvertKit, which has a text-based email editor. If you wanted to modify a ConvertKit template, you better know HTML/CSS. Even if you’re not a designer, MailerLite’s ease of use and flexibility make it easy to create beautiful emails with their range of content blocks and design options. Templates are available on MailerLite’s paid plan and 14-day premium trial.

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