There’s no denying that Mailchimp is better known than MailerLite. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it offers better service. If you’re reading this article, either you’ve tried Mailchimp and aren’t completely satisfied, or you’ve heard good things about MailerLite and want to see how it compares to other popular email marketing tools. like Mailchimp. I Italy Phone Number myself have been using Mailchimp for years. Well, its monkey credit referral program kind of locked us in with them. But, if it weren’t for this monkey business going on, one of the first alternatives I’d check out would indeed be Mailerlite. In this MailerLite vs Mailchimp comparison, I’ll analyze each tool in detail, looking at its ease of use, business features, price, and more.

Mailerlite Vs. Mailchimp: Summary

Mailchimp bills itself as a very easy-to-use email marketing software. But guess what? The same goes for MailerLite. So which is easier? Well, I have to say that MailerLite is slightly more user-friendly. One of the problems with Mailchimp is that some features are sometimes hard to find; for example, adding an opt-in for new signups might still be slightly more intuitive for complete beginners. Also, I feel like interface updates don’t necessarily make things easier with Mailchimp. That said, both have well-designed and easy-to-navigate backends, and they do a good job of making sure you complete all the necessary steps when setting up a new campaign.

Design and Flexibility

Email Database

Mailchimp has over 100 templates (or “themes”, as they call them), which are mobile-friendly and quite a lot. These can be sorted by category, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. They are easily editable and can be saved so you can reuse them in future campaigns. You can also create your own HTML templates via code, URL or .ZIP file. The only thing to note is that the free plan only comes with 8 templates

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