I asked myself which products I bought the most in the last six months. I did this because I wanted to be my own target audience. This will hopefully help me later to understand my potential customers better and serve them in the best possible way. Turned out that I bought eight pairs of Jordan/NikeID sneakers and four backpacks. Now, as I had my two products, I wanted to understand why I purchased these products. Why on earth did I spend so much money on these products? Jordan/Nike ID Sneakers: For two reasons: To be part of the “Jordan movement” and be a cool kid. To customize my shoes and have my own name on it.

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Backpacks: I used to serve with the German paratroopers and we obviously had to carry a ton of things in our backpacks. Back then, I was always looking for a better backpack. Even though I don’t serve in the Army anymore, I kept this interest and still love to travel with a backpack. In cyprus phone directory my opinion, it looks cool and is way more functional than a suitcase. Putting it together, I instantly had a product idea: customizable and very functional backpacks. Definitely a product I would buy. Even though I was excited about this idea, I knew there was also a downside to it: the costs. My goal was to be profitable as soon as possible.

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Unfortunately, customizable backpacks in a way Nike does it with their NikeID shoes can only be profitable with a well-established and optimized supply chain. So I had to adjust my idea accordingly. The problem: custom backpacks are expensive. The solution: custom rubber patches to put on the backpack. Now I would sell the same backpack to everyone with the option to customize the rubber patch. This was at least some kind of uniqueness. If my business turns out to be a success, I could still improve and turn back to the initial idea. BRAND NAME + LOGO I wanted to get my business started as fast as possible.

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