A few subject line formulas you can use here include: You’re so close Your new [Product]. Is just two clicks away Complete your checkout in two steps Your [Product] is german phone number almost ready to ship Can I help you. BONUS: EXPERIMENT WITH YOUR WINNING SUBJECT LINE IN german phone number MULTIPLE WAYS It takes time to perfect your subject lines. Once you’ve found one that’s german phone number performing, you don’t have to stop there. You can take your most successful subject line and experiment with small, subtle changes to see how it affects performance. For example, let’s take one subject line — You Forgot Something In Your Cart — and modify it in eight

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different ways. To change this subject line you could. Experiment with capitalization, sentence case and all lower case text. You forgot something in your cart You Forgot Something. In Your Cart you forgot something in your cart Play with emojis before and after your text: You forgot something in your cart. You forgot something in your cart You forgot something in your cart Use parentheses to add extra details. You forgot something in your cart (it’s beautiful) Turn it into a question: Did you forget something in your cart? Here’s how each of those subject lines will look within an email inbox.

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Screenshot showing an inbox BOOST YOUR ABANDONED CART EMAIL OPENS WITH THIS SUBJECT LINES SWIPE FILE Want to recover lost revenue. Make sure you’re sending cart abandonment emails. Want to ensure those emails are actually opened? Use irresistible abandoned cart email subject lines. The subject lines and formulas shared in this article will help you to maximize your revenues and claw back those abandoned cart lost sales. Click the button below to get a swipe file of over 40 abandoned cart email subject line examples.

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