Some things to keep in mind. Be aware of American regulations that may apply to your product—a quick web search of each material that you’re planning to use can often make you aware of any major regulatory issues. California is usually the most restrictive American state as far as materials and environmental concerns. Screenshot showing consumer regulations for California Make sure that you’re

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Providing detailed information to your manufacturer as well. A sample is ideal, but the more details you’re able to provide the better. From dimensions to Albania B2B List more you can do up front, the less you’ll need to do in the prototyping stage. Here are five questions to consider when you’re requesting a quote. What is your minimum order quantity? This is often abbreviated as MOQ. Make sure it’s manageable for you. Manageable doesn’t just mean in terms of the initial price, either: you’ll need to check how much storage space you have on hand. What you might spend in inventory taxes, and the other costs

Albania B2B List

Associated with carrying inventory. What is your sample pricing? You may have to pay a little up front to get samples. Depending on the manufacturer, it may range from an adjustment of the final product pricing to completely free. How much will my order cost? It might be good to ask for quotes for multiple quantities, as order volume may affect the price. How long will it take to fulfill my order? Knowing the turnaround time is essential. Timing can be very important, depending on your business. This isn’t just for the initial order, either—you’ll need to know for future orders, as well. Knowing your lead times will ensure you’re not out of product

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