Power words more prominently on your page. POWER WORDS IN EMAIL SUBJECT LINES You work your ass off to grow your email list. You hustle to create content they’ll love, yet still only 20-35% of your subscribers open your emails. And you begin to wonder. Maybe But it’s probably your subject lines. To turn up the heat on your email subject lines and attract more opens, clicks, and engagement, use power words in the subject line.

Building – How it Works and Aids Your Business

Pat Flynn uses this method in his email autoresponder series. Pat Flynn using power words on their email See the power words “Super” and “Secret”? Feeling intrigued, aren’t you. free uae phone number Jaime Masters from Eventual Millionaire does this too (“Create”, “Lucrative”): Jaime. Tardy using power words on their email subject line Use power words in your subject lines to entice your subscribers to open your emails. You worked hard to write them, so they might as well be read by as many people as possible.

Opt-in Email List Management For Beginners

For all of you who haven’t yet started your business, one great place to use power words is in your business’s name. Using a power word that describes what you do or who you do it for can make your marketing far more effective. For example, Elite Daily uses the power word. Elite” in the name of their business, which brings to mind exclusivity or high-quality. Screenshot of Elite Daily Melissa Ramos puts power words to work in her business name. Food Therapy Food Therapy” has a power word in their brand name Derek Halpern, founder of the popular online training resource

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