For each page in the list, think about how it makes you feel. Will you miss this page if you get rid of it? Do you love this page and want to keep working on it? Is the page so old it’s become completely irrelevant for your site and you never want to see it again? It might be tempting to decide just by looking at the Malta Phone Number titles of the pages, but it’s important to take a look at the actual content. You might be surprised by what you find! Malta Phone Number You can look more closely at each content item by clicking on the links provided in the list: screenshot showing step one of the orphaned content workout.

Yoast One of the Orphaned Malta Phone Number

Content workouts in Yoast SEO Don’t love all your pages and posts? Then do something about it! Malta Phone Number These are your options:➔ Delete (and redirect) pages you don’t want If you find posts or pages that you don’t have any reason to keep, put them in the trash. Remember that it’s also best practice to redirect the Malta Phone Number URL of each deleted page, ideally sending users to a similar page. You can delete and redirect your unwanted pages right away in the workout, saving you loads of time and hassle. Read more: How to properly delete a page from your site.

Keep a Page, but Stop Malta Phone Number

Malta phone number

People from finding it In some cases, you might want to keep a page unfindable. For instance, you might not want a landing page for your Christmas sale to show up year-round, but you plan to re-use it eventually. Malta Phone Number If the content isn’t suitable for your users to see now, for whatever reason, but you don’t want to delete the page or improve it, then it’s a good idea to Malta Phone Number hide that page from Google. To do so, simply choose ‘Hide from search engines’ and the workout will automatically noindex it for you. Nice! Keep reading.

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