Or difficulties come, in one way or another, tied to the way we earn our bread. Is he a mason or a waiter? Surely you suffer from a lot of physical pain and greatly appreciate comfortable shoes that make walking easier after spending all day here and there. Are you a clerk or a lawyer? You probably have the need to have a laptop or a computer at home with which to continue working on things that have been left over from the office, and you have also surely enabled a space in your home to have a small office – especially now with working from home so current. Is it medical or health? He probably loves his bed madly, because those long hours on watch must leave him exhausted.

If with the income you have from your profession you probably use your own car. Or if you consider that surely, being a young doctor your José María – that fictitious profile that you have created for yourself – well, very likely he still uses public transport, since he is in the first years of residency. Create all the possible scenarios of their day-to-day life and write down the problems that you imagine they might have! This last question that we are going to ask ourselves about our buyer persona is perhaps one of the most important to decide where we are going to promote our brand or products. And we leave it last because, precisely to have the highest success rate – let’s remember that in all these scenarios we are working with our deductive capacity and beyond.

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In other words, before answering this last Bulgaria phone number question. We need to have a very good picture of each of our buyer personas . To answer this question, let’s put ourselves back in the shoes of our fictitious client and knowing everything we already know about him, let’s think about where we would go if we were him, to find information about products or services. Each client will throw different answers… Is Maricarmen retired and lives at home alone, visiting her grandchildren on weekends? Maricarmen will surely consider television the main medium with which to validate information – due to her age and social status – and will respond wonderfully to a television advertisement for our product or service. José María has between 30 and 50 and three children and works as a notary?

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Will be key with him. José María has between 30 and 50 and three children and works as a notary? Is Marcos in the first year of residency at the MIR? Marcos is surely a regular user of Facebook, IG and TikTok. Very surely he enters social networks from his smartphone and considers those moments “his moments of relaxation”, counted with an eyedropper. Therefore, Marcos has an extremely positive disposition towards social networks, his brain is positively activated when he enters them and he will be very receptive to any type of advertising on social networks. Each case will be different, do all possible scenarios! Free guide: How to take advantage of social networks to promote your products and services Do you already have a presence with your business in the main social networks?

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Discover the best techniques in this free ebook! At the end of this brainstorm of the last question, the system you should use to decide what is your best channel for promotion is very simple: an average. The one that appears as the channel most used by your buyer personas. As easy as that. And where do I get the information to create my buyer persona? At this point in the article, you are probably wondering this. Your buyer persona is a creation, a fiction , which is why there is not really a site where you can consult to have “that ideal buyer persona for you”. What you should do is base yourself on the success you are having – be it a lot or a little – and review all the data you may have from those clients you have already achieved.

What is the average ticket of these people per purchase? Those questions are immediate, but others like for example… What time do you buy more? They will help you fill in information that does not seem obvious – whether or not they have an office job, for example – or whether or not they use social networks. Do they communicate through the chat on the page? If you have a chat, those conversations are gold in drops. By the way of writing you can profile the age, the socioeconomic group, sometimes even the area or culture from which your clients come. Learn how you can create a powerful marketing strategy. With our GUIDE you will have the keys you need! Have you already found your buyer persona? Follow the advice in this guide and you will find him/her When it comes to finding your ideal client, everything adds up!

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