By sourcing a few pieces at a time and reselling used furniture. Through marketplaces like eBay and Chairish or even local buy. And-sell sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. This is a good way to try selling vintage furniture online. Before expanding to a dedicated site, and a quick way. To start a business with little initial investment. Build your online furniture brand. Build your furniture brand online Richmond Lam/GOODEE It is important that you define your brand in this initial phase. Answering a few questions will help you tell your brand story, sculpt its visual aesthetic, capture its mission, and more clearly visualize your ideal customer. Now that you have decided whether you are going to manufacture or resell furniture, choose a lane for your furniture business.

Are you going to sell only sofas and delve into a product? Interested in jumping on a fashion trend? Do you plan to focus on well-constructed minimalist pieces for small spaces? And how about taking advantage of the growing number of people working at home and selling unique office furniture? A niche (with examples): Category/Use: Office Furniture, Outdoor Living, Home Accents Product: sofa beds, dining tables, nursery Style: Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, Rustic Client: students, apartment dwellers, country house owners Niche: “smart” furniture, modular pieces, furniture made from recycled materials Cause: fair trade, locally handmade, sustainable When Chris started Timberware.

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The possibilities for woodworking were Jamaica phone number endless. “We hadn’t found our niche yet, so we just built a little bit of everything,” he says. Chris found that trade shows would help him hone his offering. Carrying heavy furniture from one side of these fairs to the other was not easy, but the exercise helped him understand the market and find its focus. For GOODEE, establishing brand values ​​was something that evolved from Byron and Dexter’s previous business, fashion brand WANT Les Essentiels. “It was about a balance between the things that mattered and what people really wanted ,” says Byron. Through experience, the brothers discovered that people felt torn between two options: luxury or sustainability.

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“We wanted to create GOODEE in response to that ,” says Byron. His brand takes a clear stance: the two things are not mutually exclusive. Dexter and Byron have drawn on their design and business experience to create a collection that aligns with the brand’s strong values: Poverty reduction marginal communities gender defense circular economy Once you have done a market study and defined a niche, put it in writing. Make a clear statement of what you offer, then add your mission, values, and brand story. Now that you have clear brand guidelines, you will continue to refer to them as you design your website and curate your collection. As you grow and even hire staff, these guidelines will help you keep your messaging consistent.

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Purchase of furniture from designers and resellers Burst The way to search for suppliers or manufacturers depends on your business model and your niche. For furniture designers who do not plan to make the furniture themselves, find a reputable manufacturer. “The closer you are to your production and supply chain, especially early on ,” says Dexter, “the easier it is to build and forge partnerships with those who make your products.” When you are just starting out and are not familiar with manufacturing, it is recommended that you find a manufacturer that will allow you a great deal of supervision and work with you as a partner in your business. The closer you are to your production and supply chain, especially early on, the easier it will be to build and forge partnerships with who you make your products.

Dexter Peart, Co-Founder of GOODEE If you want to resell other people’s products, you can approach manufacturers and brands to ask about wholesale prices and terms. There are also marketplaces like Handshake that allow you to vet sellers who are actively looking for retail partners. Antique furniture resellers source in a variety of ways. Due to the nature of the business, you will have to constantly be on the hunt to make sure you have inventory. Here are a few sources to get you started: Auctions. Sign up to receive notifications of auctions in your area. Some take place in person, but there are several online auction sites, such as eBay and MaxSold, that allow you to browse and bid at your leisure from home. Real estate sales . They can be a gold mine for finding a ton of vintage items in one place.

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