Email leads into sales. What Design Is It: Sumo Retro Star Slot Machine Template (available inside Sumo) Screenshot showing cart casino in action Where Outlook Email List You See It: Before you leave the website on any page (except the Cart page). Plus a “Game” tab on the left side of Outlook Email List every website page. Screenshot showing a Sumo cart casino popup Result. Triple email Outlook Email List conversion rate over a standard popup. Screenshot showing Sumo popup stats One in 10 people who entered their email went on to redeem their discount code and buy.

How To Double Promotional

Screenshot showing sumo conversions Outlook Email List Note: Bearded Brothers configured their. Cart Casino popup win settings as per below (you can configure whatever win settings you’d like). Take 15% Off: 67% chance to win Take 20% Off: 29% chance to win Take 40% Off: 3% Outlook Email List chance to win Take 75% Off: 1% chance to win Why It Works: The “Up to 75% Off” offer is compelling. Turning Outlook Email List your email capture form into a casino game. Where people can win a discount to use in your store leads to a direct increase in sales.

Outlook Email List

Click here to sign up for a Sumo Outlook Email List eCommerce account, then follow these instructions Create New Form.  Set your Design to Sumo’s Retro Outlook Email List Star Slot Machine template (or pick your own template and customize it to match your brand’s style). Many companies are Outlook Email List operating just fine without a website. But to thrive in today’s economy, a company must market Outlook Email List themselves using email marketing.

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