More than half (54%) of marketers will cut ad. Spend Finland Phone Number in q3 from a year earlier, a slight improvement from the 72% that decreased spending in q2 as demand. Recovers from the pandemic’s negative effect on the economy. By q4, only 40% of marketers will be. Spending less than they did in 2019, per a study that researcher Finland Phone Number advertiser perceptions shared with. Marketing dive. With expected budget declines of 12% in q3 and 7.5% in q4 from the prior year, advertisers. Will shift their priorities of among the 36% of their budgets that go to regional and local media. Digital media. Outlets will be most important, with 75% of marketers using paid social and display for local advertising, ahead. Of paid search (70%), digital video (64%), digital audio (46%) and over-the-top (ott)/connected tv (ctv) 44%. Less than half (46%) of marketers

Underpins Marketer Demand Finland Phone Number

For greater flexibility in media contracts, with 87% of. Advertisers planning to negotiate more adjustable terms. Seventy percent of marketers expect to keep. Budgets at the same media companies, but they also want greater flexibility as the average media planning. Time falls to 2.3 months from 4.2 months, per advertiser perceptions. The Finland Phone Number firm in june surveyed 150. Advertisers and agency executives involved with media-buying decisions. Dive insight: fewer advertisers. Plan to cut media spending in the remainder of the year, though they are changing their priorities to reach. The growing audiences for digital media, the study by advertiser perceptions suggests. The coronavirus pandemic. Has led to a surge in media consumption among people who were stuck at home during lockdowns. While accelerating the shift toward social media, streaming and ott/ctv platforms. Advertisers

Will Prioritize Those Finland Phone Number

Finland phone number

Digital media platforms, especially in their Finland Phone Number regional and local spending during the second half of the year. Advertiser perceptions also notes that advertisers face a dynamic and demanding media environment that will include the u.s. Election, a shift in media dollars that had been planned for the summer olympics and a holiday Finland Phone Number shopping season that’s likely to differ by regional responses to the pandemic. As seen with the return of restrictions on businesses in states where covid-19 infections are surging, circumstances can change quickly. Marketers will demand greater flexibility in their media spending, including the ability to delay or cancel campaigns on short notice. They also will want more research, with 61% of advertisers saying they want insights into how the pandemic is changing the marketplace, per the study.

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