Mentioning “Marketers who don’t build” will make many people love and hate it; mentioning “marketing people” will make people both respect and pity. Why do you feel this way? Just because “marketing” is an esoteric knowledge, it has also made people close to it suffer countless hardships. As far as China is concerned, according to incomplete statistics, there are 80 million marketing troops active in the front line.

This part of marketers is dedicated to the “Marketers who don’t build” that they are not proficient in. After they choose marketing, due to mistakes in their professional or career choices, or “seeing flowers Wuhan Mobile Phone Number in the fog”, they do marketing, or their companies lack related occupations. Career planning guidance and training. This situation has caused a considerable number of marketers to fall into confusion or confusion. They are worried about the unattainable “future”, and they are also waking up about how to be a real marketer.

In response to this situation, Mr. Yu Fei , a famous brand marketing expert and CEO of

Lange Zhiyang International Marketing Consulting Agency , summed up some reasons for the rapid elimination of marketers. Which may provide a little help and inspiration for the majority of marketers. So as to truly Learn what it takes to be a real “marketer”!

One of the deadliest points: the goal is not firm

Many marketers have entered the marketing ranks by mistake, perhaps because of work pressure during employment, or because of the lure of the Marketers who don’t build. In short, marketers are not born to be marketers, but stumble into the industry. Therefore, most marketers do not have clear goals at the beginning of their careers. Instead, they often change their goals, or revise their goals according to the work situation.

To give a simple example, Wang, the business manager of a certain product in Shandong, is an old marketer with six years of marketing career. When he first entered the industry, he set himself the goal of becoming a regional manager in two years and becoming a senior in four years. District manager, became a marketing director for eight years, and one year has passed in a blink of an eye. Thinking about it, it is impossible to become a regional manager in two years. Now that six years have passed, he is still a regional business manager. During this process, he does not go Thinking about why and how to achieve his goals, he adjusted his goals, and by the eighth year of his projected goals, he even lost his ambition and fighting spirit.

This is a classic example! It is also a representative fact! 

It is impossible for a marketer like Wang to become an excellent marketer. Only persistent marketers can become excellent marketers. There are countless examples of persistent marketers, inspiring generations of marketers. It turns out that they are successful because they have a firm goal, and they themselves have paid a hundred times the effort and hard work to achieve this goal.

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