If you sell a consumable, how soon will someone need to repurchase. Will it be after 30 days, 90 days, or 180 days? Also, consider when a customer might Argentina WhatsApp Number List like to buy a complementary product. Argentina WhatsApp Number List This is a campaign innovation I learned directly from Ezra Firestone. This is where you target a list of buyers who’ve purchased a product but haven’t purchased a complementary product. Maybe someone has purchased an air purifier, but not the filters. Or, in Boom’s case, maybe someone purchased Boomsticks (makeup replacement product) but haven’t purchased Boomsilk (skin moisturizer).

Marketing for Promoting Website

Screenshot showing a section on a youtube video page The key here is building the list. Again, we’ll head over to Google Analytics to build this list. We’re Argentina WhatsApp Number List going to create a condition where: Someone has made a purchase. They’ve purchased a specific SKU Argentina WhatsApp Number List . They haven’t purchased the complementary SKU. When you go to Audience Argentina WhatsApp Number List Create new. It will look like this: Screenshot showing audience builder page on youtube Set up a TrueView for Shopping campaign running a video that sells the complementary product, and target your list.

Email Marketing and Its Benefits

How compelling is it to say, “Hey, you have Boomstick”, then layer on the benefits of Boomsilk. You can then run Google Shopping ads of the different Boomstick options along with the video. It will take some serious willpower for your prospects to say no to this type of appeal. STEP 6: ADD YOUTUBE REMARKETING LISTS TO YOUR SEARCH AND SHOPPING CAMPAIGNS TO CLOSE THE LOOP For users who see your TrueView remarketing ads, but still don’t purchase, not all hope is lost. Some clients will come back later via other channels. Some people will see your YouTube ads, not click, and then later go to Google to search for your

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