See if you can guess what happened here before I explain it: Graph showing ROAS vs CPM Did you figure it out. Once again, delayed attribution is crucial. While Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are close to even in overall ROAS, Monday took a big dip. Here’s what happens when we layer on the delayed attribution multiplier. Graph showing roas vs da multiplier Again, this is intuitive: if I click an ad on Friday or Saturday and don’t purchase, I’ve got a couple of days to get my discount. But if I click on Cyber Monday, I’ve only got that day. So how should you attack this weekend with your ads

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Here are three suggestions: First, we haven’t talked about the actual creative much, but now is not the time to be tricky: show people your product. Clarity is the name  database email gratis  of the game. If you didn’t already, look at the  bonus content to see how we do the ad creative for our clients. Second, spend database email gratis particularly aggressively on retargeting. Most of the time we spend about 80% of client budgets on prospecting cold traffic. That’s because we’re focused on growing brands through new customer acquisition. Throughout most of the year, that’s an effective strategy.

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But during the BFCM weekend last year, we spent over 40% of client dollars on retargeting, and we did that because we saw. The ROAS on those retargeting dollars (which means there’s. A good argument to be made that we should have spent more of them there). Bend over backwards to get them back to your site throughout the BFCM weekend. That’s where the biggest returns are going to be, and it will be nearly impossible to hit them with too many ads. (The same principle is true for your email strategy by the way: just keep sending it).

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