When it comes to structuring your campaigns, the more granular, the better. For most businesses, I recommend having a separate ad group for every Product/SKU. If Brazil B2B List your catalog is small enough, say under 50 products (including variations) you can create a separate campaign for every product and still be able to manage everything. When I refer to “products” in this case, I am referring Brazil B2B List to essentially product variations. If it is a totally separate product, it should have its own campaign. For example, a specific baseball bat which comes in three sizes

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A separate baseball bat which serves a different purpose should have its own campaign. If you are trying to decide whether to combine multiple products into a single Brazil B2B List ad group or separate them. I would ask yourself the following questions: Will the products require unique keywords? Sometimes if your products are similar enough. You do not need to have a separate ad group for them. However, if a unique set of keywords will be important, you will want to separate them. For example, if you are selling baseball bats which come in different weights and sizes where a customer would be searching for a specific size,

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You would likely want to separate different bat lengths in their own ad group so you can have keywords like. Having separate ad groups for each product also allows you to allocate specific bids to each product if you want to push one more than the other. If they are in the same ad group, they will use the same bid allocated to that ad group. This can be beneficial when your products come in different colors, sizes, etc., and people are using those modifiers in their search.

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