So a great product description will make a lasting impression. Key Takeaway: If the main source of income for your business is big-ticket items. You need to focus on a robust set of product descriptions that solve your potential and ideal customers’ biggest pain points. First, address head-on what they’re looking for most in a product similar to yours. Then, address pain points that your product solves better than your competitors. SHOPIFY [SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE/SAAS] In terms of ecommerce brands, Shopify is on top of the world. They recently went from $205.2M to $389.3M revenue in just

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Days and are the third most visited website in the world in the “Business Services” category. So why do more than 500,000 merchants use Shopify to power their online stores One, because it’s a killer product. And two, because the Shopify team has their messaging and product description Pakistan Phone Number List down to a science. It’s all about an emotional connection:[*] Screenshot showing copy for Shopify Shopify knows that a majority of their merchants are small business owners. Those merchants want to know they’re making the right decision. I particularly love the use of the line “or out of the trunk of your car” here, as that is highly emotional for lots of entrepreneurs.

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As is the feeling of being overwhelmed. Shopify has that covered as well. Screenshot showing copy and CTA on a website Notice the line “no design skills needed. This helps to immediately calm any fears business owners might have about creating a website. Key Takeaway: Starting a business is an extremely emotional roller coaster. You as a business owner are often putting your life savings and work into a new venture—which can take a toll. Whether you’re a SaaS company or something else entirely, it’s important to try to establish a strong emotional connection between your customer and your product descriptions.

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