Showing copy for Monthly1K Many of us want to be successful, make a ton of money. Live a good life, and be a good person. The “ideal you” product description plays Netherlands Phone Number List right into that natural human drive. You can get a template to apply the “ideal you” product Netherlands Phone Number List description in your business by clicking on the button below. Get My “Ideal You” Product Description Template This Netherlands Phone Number List technique takes the shopper (metaphorically) on a journey from where they are now to where they want to be in the future. Notice how AppSumo asks very specific and strategic questions: Have you failed at starting a business.

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Have you failed at trying? What business Netherlands Phone Number List do you want to start. Then, once you’ve internally answered “yes” to one or more of these questions. You’re presented with four case-studies of successful entrepreneurs that have been in your shoes before. Screenshot Netherlands Phone Number List showing 4 different entrepreneurs All of whom have taken AppSumo’s course! Key Netherlands Phone Number List Takeaway. Why do people shop? People shop because they’re looking for solutions to their problems. They need something to improve their lives that they couldn’t otherwise do or achieve without your product. Show people the ideal versions of themselves.

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Use product descriptions to paint a before-and-after Netherlands Phone Number List picture. To see the copywriting formula AppSumo uses to write product descriptions that make $250,000+ in 7-10 days, read this. DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB [BEAUTY & GROOMING] Ever wonder why so many brands Netherlands Phone Number List use humor on their websites, in their content, in their product descriptions, and in Netherlands Phone Number List their advertisements? Simple. Humorous material tends to be recalled at higher rates than non-humorous material. It’s also been shown to break down people’s resistance to being influenced by advertisements.[*] Dollar Shave Club has been using humor to sell razors for years.

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