During my initial meeting with a new client. I asked a simple question: what is the goal of your content marketing efforts? The most consistent Philippines Photo Editor answer I’ve gotten so far is . Generate leads and sales for our existing product”. While this is an important goal in any content. Marketing strategy, we often focus too much on direct . Sales-related deals to justify our content marketing roi. Joe pulizzi offers a way to think bigger about content. Marketing in his Philippines Photo Editor book content inc. The simple tagline “Build your audience first. Create your product second. Is exactly how marketers should approach content marketing. Use content to attract subscribers, then find a .Way to monetize your content offerings. Content marketing is more than. Just using methods to support the sales team.

When We Set Deal Goals Like Leads and Sales Philippines Photo Editor

Unfortunately, many marketers (and businesses, actually) don’t think so. We use tools like the purchase funnel to shape our expectations for content marketing goals. This approach leads to incorrect assumptions about what should be Philippines Photo Editor done, often resulting in poor performance. The idea that all content subscribers will one day become customers stems from using tools like buying funnels to strategize. That’s not how content works. When we set deal goals like leads and sales, we are under pressure to impose deal ROI. We believe that content at Philippines Photo Editor top of the funnel is helpful to our audience, we will earn their trust, and they will become interested in our product. We use retargeting ads or newsletters to drive these audiences down the buying funnel, thereby becoming potential customers before converting to customers for existing products. Marketers shape this quick approach as “convenience”


A Brand Publishes a White Paper With Quality Research and Philippines Photo Editor


In the B2B space, I’ve seen this kind of action work best in white papers: A brand publishes a white paper with quality research and asks people to Philippines Photo Editor hand over their contact details for access. The marketing team uses the buying funnel as a roadmap, assuming that getting contact details can turn that person into a lead, which is then handed off to the sales team for help. But why do we assume that every subscriber to our content is a potential lead? Just because someone downloaded a white paper doesn’t mean he or she wants to be contacted by the Philippines Photo Editor company’s sales team. How do we come to this conclusion? Companies that use content marketing as leads often don’t give the content itself enough credibility. The white paper solves the information problem for that person.

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