Like most marketers, packaged foods giant. Most importantly, Mondelez South Korea Phone Number international is reevaluating its strategy for a world where third-party. However, cookies are set to go “the way. Of the dodo” amid a wave of new privacy regulations, to quote one South Korea Phone Number executive speaking at a virtual. Advertising week panel wednesday. Tactics that rely less on such identifiers, including contextual targeting, are. Most importantly, On the rise as brands. However, and publishers scramble to find a replacement for what has, to date, been one. Of the most ubiquitous ways of reaching consumers online. But mondelez, which owns snack labels like oreo. However, And wheat thins, does not view any one alternative as a. Most importantly, catch-all solution for the industry’s looming post-cookie. Future, and is

Instead Taking a Layered South Korea Phone Number

Approach to thinking about its performance-based. Marketing moving forward. Data collaboration for retail and cpg: optimize supply chain and demand. Forecasts discover how increasing data governance and protection of pii facilitates secure data collaboration. Learn more “one of the key benefits [of contextual targeting] is. Similarly, that it does not have any South Korea Phone Number kind of direct. Dependencies on cookies or any such other identifiers,” anuj dahiya, global digital media head at mondelez, said. During a livestreamed session with doubleverify, one of the company’s advertising partners. “context is. Critical, for sure, and we make sure that we’re continuously building on top of our audience insights as. Well,” dahiya said. “however, brand safety could be an issue when you talk about contextual targeting.”

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Following in the footsteps of other packaged goods South Korea Phone Number companies is putting a new premium on first-party data, which has always been a valuable asset to the category but is receiving fresh relevance as third-party data is deprecated due. Most importantly, to wide-reaching privacy regulations, including the eu’s general data protection regulation (gdpr) and the. Similarly, california consumer privacy act (ccpa). Most importantly, Such laws are the prime reason that cookies, which tag and track small bits of consumer information from around the web to help brands target their advertisements, are on the decline, as market-leading browsers like google chrome start to sunset their support. “regulations like gdpr or ccpa … “in light of the current events [that have] been rolling across different industries, even. Similarly, performance is important. More data sets and more advanced measurement techniques have become critical.

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