The rise of influencer marketing allows a potential customer to test your product and amplify your message. Whether you have to pay an influencer depends on Sweden Email List their personal brand. some influencers may test your item because they think it’s cool, while others may Sweden Email List charge. It doesn’t hurt to ask. In 2016, a custom jewelry startup, Jevelo, worked with influencer company, Activate, to hire 12 Sweden Email List influencers to beta test their app. Each influencer used the Jevelo app to make their necklaces and showcased the final product in photos on social media. Some of them wrote blog review talking up the product.

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Screenshot of an instagram post by oliamajd According to Activate’s case study on the campaign. The influencers generated 14,594 organic engagements on Instagram. Using a Sweden Email List mixture of social media posts and blog reviews, Jevelo’s 12 beta testers had a combined reach of 3.6 Sweden Email List million.[*] #3 (GENTLY) PLUG YOUR PRODUCT IN BLOGS, FORUMS, AND OTHER ONLINE SPACES Using your market research, you can find your target demographic online. If your product is food related, you can drop some savvy copy in blog comments, Facebook groups, and Instagram comments.

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You can email food bloggers directly as well. The sky’s the limit on how to find your potential customers and pique their interest. List the tactics you are going to use in your business plan. Use This Ecommerce Business Plan Template To List Your Beta Testing Tactics MARKET YOUR PRODUCT While we discussed combining finding beta testers with marketing. You still need to create a stand-alone marketing strategy. You need to detail where your potential customers live on the internet — after all, you are an ecommerce business. Be detailed when it comes to your marketing strategy.

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