Which pages of your website should you index? » ➔ Keep a page and make it findable When you find content you want to keep, take a few moments to check: a) does it need improving, and b) is it still up-to-date? After all, you don’t want to start adding links to half-finished pages or really old articles. You can open your pages and posts directly from the workout to take a closer look. Morocco Phone Number If you aren’t completely in love with the pages you want to Morocco Phone Number keep yet, don’t worry! You have a chance to improve them in the second step of the workout.

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Two of the orphaned content workout in yoast seoStep 2 of the workout Read on: Keep your content fresh and up to Morocco Phone Number  date » Time to add internal links Once you’ve got the orphaned posts or pages that you want to keep, and you’ve updated or improved the content as necessary, all that’s left is to add internal links pointing to those pages. Morocco Phone Number Note that you’ll need to add your internal links on related pages or posts to get the best results. If you can find related words or phrases on the page, those are a great place to insert your link. In the last step of the orphaned content workout.

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Morocco phone number

Related posts and pages that you could add an internal link to. The links you need to copy and paste are provided right there in the workout, along with links to the suggested articles. Morocco Phone Number And that means you can get your internal links set up in just a few minutes! Step 3 of the workout in Yoast SEO Now admire your hard work! And there you have it! With our workout, it’s really that easy to clean up your content. In the Morocco Phone Number end, you’ll see a handy overview of all the pages you’ve finished working on and what you did with them. Take a look and be proud of what you’ve achieved. You rock! Success!

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