Normally if a person buys several products at the same time, he will do it in a single order. These multiple orders are often indicative of fraud. Orders where the person has tried to swipe the card more than six times. How many people do you know who have six cards? Express orders. This is often a constant in cloned card cases. The scammer has little time between placing the order and the cardholder reporting the charge. Exaggerated amounts consecutively. Orders with a very high ticket or with extremely low tickets. Scammers sometimes try to spend very small purchases first. The lowest priced item in the store – and immediately, if they see it coming, place a large order. In most of these cases Shopify will mark the order with a risk flag.

And in all of them, we recommend that you try to communicate directly. With the buyer and tell him that it is necessary to verify that he has placed that order. Feature What should I ask my buyer to verify that it is a valid order? To avoid problems or future claims. When the order is suspicious, it is good that you contact the buyer and ask for an ID. Proof of address and a photo on the front of the card. Applications that prevent online fraud. The second layer of our anti-fraud onion are the applications that you have. To check or evaluate the risk of fraud of the orders or orders. In this section, Alejandro Moreno makes two recommendations. Bayonet is an app specialized in preventing fraud within the Mexican market.

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It is in the official Shopify app store and its Greece phone number strong point is. That it has an extensive “blacklist” of fake emails, fake names and fake addresses. Which are used to carry out online fraud. This database is regularly updated with information collected from all Bayonet users. Avolin-NS8 is an app specialized in preventing fraud using artificial intelligence. Avolin uses an artificial intelligence system that learns from fraud cases and evolves. Improving and refining the criteria it uses to determine if an order is a fraud. Or if, on the contrary, it is a potential sale. This artificial intelligence works with global parameters. This app is in the Shopify app store and its integration is native with any Shopify store. Clearsale Fraud Protection offers a comprehensive option. To protect your ecommerce from potential fraud.

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Its installation is free and the costs are define by the functionalities that you use. Or activate and also by the KPIs that you indicate. The peculiarity of Clearsale is that it is actually a manual review, carri out by human analysts. Who determine the risk of each order. Clearsale also offers end-to-end fraud case management. Putting an operations team at your ecommerce’s disposal. In the official Shopify app store you will find more applications. Your type of product! Anti-fraud insurers Finally. Our third layer of protection is risk insurers for orders. This service is usually expensive and is not recommend unless your billing justifies its use. If you have many orders, with a medium or high ticket and also. With a considerable degree of possible fraud. Then we recommend that you consider these two insurance options.

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By its flexibility both in its costs and in its way of controlling and preventing fraud. It is one of the insurers that has the highest tolerance for accepting orders with risk. Signifyd has specialized in the Mexican market and offers excellent coverage. So that you never lose money in the face of fraud. It is highly recommend. If your billing level – and the possibility of fraud in your ecommerce – are high. Anti-fraud layers And the payment gateway serves to avoid fraud? Yes and no. The payment gateway you use will partially determine how successful you will be in avoiding fraud. But it is not as decisive as the layers that we have explained. To choose a good payment gateway we need to find one capable of filtering orders and orders that are fraudulent, but not blocking all orders.

This is achiev by the payment gateway by contrasting customer data from your ecommerce. And that is where the payment gateway can help you prevent, for example, credit card cloning fraud. How should I choose my payment gateway? You cannot use a payment gateway that allows any order to go through, nor one that is so restrictive that it blocks your ability to sell. And this happens particularly in Mexico due to a technological problem between the payment gateways and the banks. Alejandro Moreno explains it to us: “ The gateways in Mexico do not have as much connection with the banks, so they do not verify certain things that, for example, in the United States are verifie, such as the postal code.

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