Optimally managing an online store is a great challenge for all entrepreneurs who ‘dare’ with this adventure. It involves a complex process that requires you to master a series of skills in endless times… And of all the marketing channels at your disposal. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most attentive in our day to day. Since Google is continually implementing changes that must be adapted if we want to remain competitive on the Internet. Yourself in Google and try to ensure that the contents of our website comply. With the hundreds of premises that are required to be among the first positioned in the SERP’s. Is there a checklist of SEO factors? What is the best and fastest way to get started. On the SEO of my Shopify website? This is one of the “million questions”. That thousands of traders around the world ask themselves.

Having good SEO and positioning yourself in Google within the first results. As I just told you, requires understanding not only how it works. But also successfully fulfilling each of its thousands of factors or premises for good organic positioning. This takes time and you will also have to compete against the dozens (or hundreds) of websites. That sell products similar to yours. Although if you want a guide to improve the SEO of your ecommerce. You can follow this checklist step by step: Free Download: SEO Checklist Do you want to rank high in search results? Get access to our free search engine optimization checklist. At Shopify, we spend most of our time helping merchants find new ways to prioritize. And scale their efforts to promote their business .

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Checklist: 10 factors that you must optimize to Argentina phone number position yourself in Google. To help you position yourself in Google in the shortest possible time, here are some tips to get you started. Configure recommended tools Google search console keyword research Page optimizations. Links Content Build the reputation Other ranking factors Create a basic SEO resume. Give searchers what they want Configure recommended tools. Configure Google Analytics . Configure Google Search Console . Google search console. Submit your sitemap to Google through the Search Console account you just created: All Shopify stores automatically generate a sitemap file. Which lists the individual pages of your website. A sitemap tells Google and other search engines about the organization of your website.

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If you’re curious, Shopify store owners can access their sitemaps via [ www . tustore . com / sitemap . xml ]. ▢ Use Google Search Console to check for crawl errors: Search engines index websites through bots that “crawl” the website and its respective pages. A crawl error occurs when a bot tries to reach a specific page (or site) without success. If you get any errors, try to fix it right away. Do you have a business idea? Search volume and get keyword ideas. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with Google Keyword Planner. When we talk about search “volume,” we mean the approximate number of monthly searches for a specific keyword. Use Google Keyword Planner ▢ Assign keywords to content types: Each page of your site ( product pages , category pages, blog posts, as well as your home page) can rank for different keywords.

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Keyword research can really reveal which pages you should create first. Here is an example Some of your pages may target searches for information (for example, ” what is aromatherapy “), while others may target keywords with lower search volume but indicating purchase intent (for example, ” buy bottles aromatherapy “). Free guide: 5 infallible ways to do Inbound Marketing in your ecommerce and attract new customers Do you want to attract new customers to your ecommerce? Inbound Marketing can help you a lot! Page optimizations ▢ Make sure you use one, and only one, H1 tag on your pages: H1 tags (heading 1) are often used as the main title for the page and usually contain the main keywords for the page. Note that Shopify page titles default to the H1 tag for pages created in Shopify. Avoid manually adding an H1 tag anywhere else on the page.

Make the title of your pages less than 60 characters so that it does not appear cut off in search results: Currently, Google consistently displays the first 50–60 characters of most page titles, so it always includes your main keywords near the beginning of the page title. Shopify Blog Meta Title US Also, remember that you can structure your page title to be more like a listing than an editorial title or a full sentence. Include appropriate characters (such as parentheses or hyphens) or boxes to highlight key information. ▢ Make your meta description catchy and less than 150 characters: Google has confirmed that there is no exact character count for meta descriptions. To adapt the text, include your target keywords and the most relevant content at the beginning of your meta description, and try to avoid exceeding 155 characters .

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