Help you learn more about your site visitors and close sales. But it’s not for the faint of heart — you have to answer within a few hours at most! Some live chat apps you can use are: WordPress/WooCommerce. Sumo, Formilla or LiveChat Shopify: Sumo, Messenger or LiveChat BigCommerce. Messenger or LiveChat Magento: Zendesk or LiveChat And that’s it for apps and plugins! Want more? Check out our full list of must-have Shopify apps.

Email Marketing Blueprint

WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED? You now know how much it costs to start an online store. To recap, here are the rough numbers: Bare-bones dropshipping store: ~$40 Bare-bones inventory: ~$140-$1040 (depending on how much inventory you buy) All the bells and whistles: Iraq Email List on inventory, if you hired a website designer, etc.) As you can tell, it’s hard to give you that perfect number. But at least you now have a rough idea of your ecommerce startup costs. Want to calculate your specific costs? Click the button below to get our startup cost calculator!

Your Mailing List Is Your Major

And goes to leave the website. Storiarts show the 15% off offer to encourage the visitor to buy now before they leave. Screenshot of a discount popup generated by Sumo So far 632 visitors have seen the 15% off offer, and 201 have entered their email address to get the 15% off code. Screenshot of stats for a Sumo popup The problem? Not everyone who enters their email redeems the code straight away. So Eli Saleh at Storiarts set up this simple cart abandonment email strategy in case people get the code and still leave the site without buying

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