Nearly half (44%) of consumers report trying new. Brands Switzerland Phone Number after seeing a relevant ad, per a study by media measurement platform doubleverify. Younger groups. Prefer ads on social, while older demographics prefer traditional tv. In addition, 69% of consumers are more. Likely to look at an ad that bears some relevance to the Switzerland Phone Number content they are viewing, while 67% of consumers. Are more likely to look at an ad if it appears on a trusted news site. Across every category, 48% or more. Of consumers said they would be more likely to engage with contextually relevant ads. Doubleverify’s study, based on 10,000 respondents from the u.s., france, germany, spain and the u.k., demonstrates that. Context matters more than ever amid the surge in content consumption spurred by the coronavirus pandemic. Sponsored by podium [ebook] sms marketing 101 sms marketing invites responses.

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To message the right way. Learn sms marketing. Strategies that capture your customers’ attention. Learn more dive insight: it should come as no surprise that. With consumers spending more time at home, they are spending more time with Switzerland Phone Number online content, especially. Connected tv (ctv) and social media. Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, the average time. Interacting with online content has doubled globally, per doubleverify, leading to the increasing importance. Of contextually relevant ads as consumers look to cut through the noise. Previous research demonstrated that. More than a third (39%) of consumers have bought from a new brand during quarantine as the pandemic. Limitations pushed them to experiment more in their brand choices and methods of purchase. The doubleverify

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Can build on this open-mindedness with relevant Switzerland Phone Number ads that appear on trusted sites. On average, consumers are currently spending an average of 6 hours 59 minutes a day engaging with content, compared with only 3 hours, 17 minutes prior to the health crisis. Even without places to go or many events to share, social Switzerland Phone Number media is seeing the biggest benefits. Nearly half of consumers (48%) increased their time spent on social platforms, particularly youtube, which saw a 43% jump in consumer time spent, and tiktok, which saw dramatic growth among the 18-24 demographic. Before diverting all their marketing dollars to video-based social media, marketers ought to remember that context matters. According to doubleverify, 69% of consumers are more likely to view an ad if it’s relevant to the context. One study earlier this year found covid-related ads performed better in news programming — where much of the news has been pandemic-focused — than

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