For this reason, we decided not to offer a schema-building tool in our plugins. We believe that if you are experienced enough to implement schema markup yourself, then you probably don’t need our help anyway. You might even have a tool for that purpose already. Besides, adding a tool for building and managing schema to our plugin is quite a cumbersome task. Given that the majority of our users won’t ever need such a tool, we don’t think the benefits outweigh the downsides in our case.

Instead, we automatically take care of schema implementation for you in Yoast SEO. We let you decide a few things, but we do most of the Netherlands Mobile Number heavy-lifting work so you can focus on other things that impact your website, like creating high-quality content.

Schema building tools


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Adding schema markup to your web pages is a great way to help search engines understand your content. But we also know that it can be quite difficult to implement schema markup on your website. You would need some coding and website knowledge to make it work the right way. Even then, it can still be a tricky and time-consuming process.By now, we all know the importance of having content timely in the search index. Unfortunately, there are people who discovered that it’s possible to request the Indexing API to index other types of content. They abuse this loophole to get their content to appear fast in the search result. Needless to say, this action goes against Google’s policy. Frankly, we could exploit this API in our plugins and let our users use it. But why would we? Doing that can potentially put our users at risk of being penalized, something that we never want!

Final thoughts

So there you have it – some of the things we don’t do in Yoast SEO. We know that there are countless other things we couldn’t touch on. However, it would be impossible to address all of them in one article. But whatever it is that we do or don’t do, we always put in a great deal of thought and consider the impact of our decision. We carefully ‘weigh’ our decision based on the value or disvalue it brings to our users, and in relation to our capacity to fulfill that decision.

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