If there are broad stock shortages like we are experiencing now, you want to tell your customer when they can expect it. Netherlands Phone Number  Offer a way to keep them up to date! Or show other products that other people have bought after searching for this specific product. Netherlands Phone Number Clicking on a greyed-out size for this particular shoe opens up this modal that asks customers to keep up to date product is unavailable but will return (seasonal and sale products) There’s a variation on the previous theme, especially for seasonal products and products you offer as part of a special sale.

Here, Again, It’s All About Netherlands Phone Number

,anaging the user experience. If you offer the same products later in the year, keep the Netherlands Phone Number  page up and provide customers with a good ‘coming soon’ experience. Don’t promote the page on your site just yet and remove internal links to it, but keep it up and hope customers will return to buy your seasonal stuff in the future. Netherlands Phone Number The product is sold out and will never return If an out-of-stock product is sold out and never to return, you have to see how much value the product page itself has.

Sometimes, Product Pages Netherlands Phone Number

Netherlands phone number

Rank for specific terms around a product, and you want to keep those rankings. Also, it could be that the Netherlands Phone Number product page has a ton of valuable links pointing to it. You can check all of this with your SEO tool of choice. If your page has a lot of value, redirect it with a 301 to the most relevant product category page. Here, you should also notify the customer that the specific product they are looking for no longer exists. If the Netherlands Phone Number page doesn’t have any SEO value, you can delete it and have it serve a 410. Don’t forget to clean up the internal links pointing to this product, update the sitemap and fix the product feed.

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